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Homer Jay Simpson, formerly known as Max Power,[2] is the father of the Simpson family. He is an overweight, lazy, and ignorant individual,  Age ‎: ‎39. Hier ein kurzer Ausschnitt von Homer mit seiner neuen Stimme. Ich finde dass man das nicht besser. Captain Albern, So hieß er bevor er in Homer Simpson umbenannt wurde (s07e10). Max Power, Er ändert seinen Namen, da in einer Fernsehserie ein. Engelke orientierte sich an der krächzenden Originalstimme von Marge Simpson. In some episodes, he "almost dies" twice, and in one episode, Frank Grimes' son was trying to murder Homer, and all through the episode Homer ended up in situations that would normally kill a person. Homer Thompson [1] Pieman Max Power [2] El Homo Thad Supersperm "Bald Mommy" [3]. Diskutieren Sie über diesen Artikel. He walks in on his wife Marge cheating on him with Glenn Quagmire. Like Bart, he is almost always made leader in whatever bizarre situation he comes across, although, unlike Bart, that leadership isn't always appreciated, such as when Homer becomes the leader of the Stonecutters , which shortly afterwards causes all the members to quit. Aufgrund eines Fotos wird er für diesen gehalten s01e The Herald Angels Hear Us Sing And Love US! The Simpsons has been recommended for use in the teaching of sociology to modern-day college students. Homer's relationship with Bart is a strange one indeed; Homer has threatened Bart with murder before, yet at other times, the two get along better than anyone else. Lenny and Carl are Homer's co-workers at the Nuclear Power Plant, and they knew Homer back in their childhood. Homer's stupidity and ignorance make him clueless to sensitive matters as well as when he is being insulted or his life is in danger. Zum Teil wird die Figur in anderen kulturellen Produkten parodiert. He has made the occasional remark denoting his home simpsons to other women including his neighbor's wifeeven in front of Marge on an occasion, but always shows his devotion to Marge in the end. Diesen Malstift hat er sich als Kind durch das Nasenloch in das Gehirn gesteckt, ohne zu wissen, welche Folgen dies hat. They met when they were younger without learning who each other was before meeting again properly in high school. After failing to get a job at the newly built Nuclear Power PlantHomer left Marge to find a spiele fliegen by which he could support his family. Er wird von Michael Buffer im Ring so angekündigt.

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Homer Refuses To Go To Church - The Simpsons home simpsons Homer was beaten, but Marge still decided to go back to. Guides Episoden Charaktere Musik Comics. Deswegen lieben ihn laut Erfinder Matt Groening die Zuschauer so sehr. In the late s, while Homer was between nine and twelve years of age, Mona went into hiding dj simulator a run-in with the law. Wie Marge Simpson einige Jahre zuvor. His behavior is often stupid, absurd, selfish, dangerous, clumsy, idiotic, and insensitive. Spiele.ni is his little home simpsons and when Homer disappoints her or makes her sad he will oftentimes go to the end of the earth to make things right. He also may have some form of superhuman endurance as he has been seriously injured many times but survived. Sie beginnt damit, dass bei Homer Narkolepsie diagnostiziert wird. He is playable in level 1 and level 7. Homer's inclusion in many Simpsons publications, toys, and other merchandise is evidence of his enduring popularity. Als Teenager der Name auf seinem gefälschten Ausweis s04e


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